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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Purpose of Cowboys and Tea Parties

The purpose of Cowboys and Tea Parties is to combined the simple logic of Cowboys with the awakening of the American Spirit as typified by the Tea Party movement.

Both believe in individual responsibility, constitutional protections for individuals as well as limitations on the Federal Government's power and minimal government intrusions into their lives.

Cowboys have long got through rough spots either running a ranch, working cows or training horses by using good old common sense, horse sense and a sense of humor. The Tea Party movement demands this type of approach to our politicians in running the government, albeit far from in use today.

I intend on posting everything from bits of Cowboy Logic, to political commentary, to jokes and stories,...anything that helps motivate people to see the dangers the course set for this country by liberals, socialists or anyone else believing in the Constitution as a foundation for this Country - the way the framers intended. Onsnot


  1. You should have this link on your website. A speach given by LTC West (USA Retired).
    You'll see the reason as soon as you view it.
    Wayne L. Caudill
    (SGM, MI/SF, USA Retired - 26 Years)
    I'm an avid reader of your site. Just so you know that I'm not trying to send you a worm or anything that can harm your site/computer.

  2. I think the cowboys and certainly the so called tea baggers...have all had mouth-fulls of cattle dung....makes their speeches spiced by their diet.