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Saturday, May 6, 2017

A Dose Of Reality

It's very sad for me to think we actually have a party that believes that we HAVE to intermingle these people with our people and down the road, many of these people will KILL our people. Why is it so hard for liberals to accept the fact that buying votes isn't worth what's being set up, for the future. Not one Muslim country has accepted any of these refugees. does that say anything?????? The Senate Minority Leader stands up in front of others and pretends to CRY about Trump wanting to protect him, and us from the present and future. Take a look and see what you think and, if you agree, send this to some of those who just can't seem to understand what is happening. Ask the people in the UK how accepting these people have fared for them? Ask Germany? Ask Sweden?

The Pope recently said that the US should build bridges, not walls. Then why is Vatican City enclosed with a wall......Gee, could it be to keep the wrong type of people OUT?????? I don't say that to bad mouth the pope, I too am Catholic but, let's make sense out of what's going on and at least make certain that we know who in the heck is coming into this country. And as far as a leader of this country pretending to choke up over this matter.................................