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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Hawaii Elections Official claims Obama not born here

Some people are claiming that the urgency to get a bill through Congress to provide the President with "Kill Switch" power to shut down the Internet may be more in the interest of protecting the security of his legal right to serve as president than in the interest of national security.

The following video dealing with his legal place of birth came to light on June 10th, 2010. The national news media has been silent on this one.

Cowboys and Tea Parties does not necessarily share the viewpoint from so many others that Barack Obama, also known as Barry Soltelo (sp?) is holding the office of the President illegally. However we do feel that Obama has set a new precedent for with holding records,...from college transcripts, to answering the questions on why he claimed ot be a foreign student, to explanations on various passports and names, to how he paid for his long trip to Southwest Asia (Pakistan) during his college days and a host of other failures to release records. So we'll post the below video and let the readers decide the validity.

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