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Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Press "3" For Arabic!?

Here something that was sent to me by a friend. It may tick off a lot of you, so read on.

Press [1]-English. [2] Spanish. [3]-Arabic!!

This will make your day!
I'll  bet you  can't
guess what this is!

إذا  كاندخلك  الشهري
الإجماليأقلمن 150 دولارو 100 دولارأو  أقلفي  الأصول
السائلة   )نقودفياليد،الحساباتالجاريةأو
حسابات  التوفير،شهاداتالتوفير(،   أو
إذا  كانمجموعدخلكالإجمالي  وأصولكالسائلة
أقلمنمجموعإيجاركالشهري   أو
قسط  القرض
العقاريزائد  فاتورةالتدفئةوالمنافعالعامة،  أو
إذا  كنتمعدوم* الدخلأوأجير  موسميمتنقلأو
عاملمزارعموسميولديك   100
دولار  أوأقل
فيالأصول  السائلة.
المعدوم  هوأنيكون  دخلك
قدتوقفقبلتاريختقديمالطلب،أوأندخلك  قد  بدأ
ولكنك  تتوقعأنلا  تقبضأكثرمن 25 دولارفي
غضونال 10 أيام  القادمة.
إذا  كانأهل  بيتك
مؤهلاًلمعالجةالطلبفيغضونسبعةأيام،فيجب  عليك:
أن  تشتركفيمقابلة،  و
تقدّمإثباتاًبهويتك  الشخصية،و
عمليةالطلب  بكامله.
لمواصلة  تلقي  مخصصات
الإعانةالغذائية،سيُطلبمنكأنتقدم  إثباتاًلمعلومات
)مثل   الدخل،مكانالإقامة، ....إلخ(. إذا
قمتبإعطاء  الإثباتعندالتقديم،فيمكنأن   تُعطى
فترة  أطولمنمخصصات  الإعانةالغذائية.
المقابلات   المعنيةببرنامج  الإعانة
(Food  Assistance  Program:

يجوز  التنازل  عنإجراءمقابلةوجهاًلوجه
وإجراءمقابلةهاتفية  فيالحالاتالتي  يشكل
ذلك   علىأهلبيتكمشقة. وتتضمنالمشقاتعلى
سبيلالمثال  ولاتقتصرعلى   التالي:

صعوبات   فيالنقل.
ساعاتالعمل  الذي��منعمنالاشتراكفيمقابلةمكتبية.
إذا   كنتتعانيمنمشقةوتحتاجإلىإجراء DHS
أخبر  الأخصائيالمسؤولعنك  ف

Well, it's part of  the
instructions for how to apply for food stamps  in the great
state of Michigan in  Arabic!!

Read   on:

I actually  called
the Michigan Dept . of Human Services  to  check
this out and it  is

Have  we gone  completely nuts!!

Muslim  men  are
allowed to have as many as 4 wives. Many  Muslims have
immigrated into  the U.S. and  brought their 2-3-or 4
wives with them, but the  U.S. does not allow  multi
marriages, so the  man lists one wife as his, and signs the
other 2  or 3 up  as extended family on welfare and  other
free Government   programs!

Michigan has  the
highest population of Muslims in the   United

When President  Obama
took office the United States paid several  millions of dollars
to have a large number of  Palestinians , (All  Muslim),
immigrated here from Palestine !  Why? We don't pay
for other persons to  immigrate here, and I'm sure that some of
those  Muslims moved into Michigan with the large  current
number of Muslims already  established  there.

So  now  in
Michigan when you call the Public Assistance  office you are
told to  “Press 1 for  English. Press 2 for Spanish, or
Press 3 for  Arabic”! CHECK IT OUT  YOURSELF - Here is  the
number      1-888-678-8914.

Every time  you
add a new language to an American program it  requires an
additional  number of persons  fluent in that language to
process those persons  who refuse to  learn English in
order to  live here at an additional cost to the  taxpayer!
Why  are we even allowing persons  to immigrate here who
cannot provide for  themselves and then putting them in our
welfare  system?

Press 3 for  Arabic!

This is  quite
alarming!!! This seems to have happened  clandestinely, or as
far as I know, because no  public announcement or opportunity
to vote on  this was offered to the American people.  They're
just adopting an official stance, and  very likely using
tax-payer money for it, in  various capacities, without public
knowledge or  approval.
The   following
link takes you into the State of  Michigan Public  Assistance
(as in Food  Stamps
etc). You won't have to scroll far before  you see the
assistance-letters options for ...  (get this) ... English,
Spanish,  and ARABIC!!!  When  did the  ARABIC
option sneak into our culture? We don't do  this for other
cultures, except those that speak  Spanish!  Will we soon
have to listen to our  governmental offices, stores, and other
venues  offer us the option of "pressing  3 for  ARABIC?"

Check  it out  for

(When you  get
to this web site, just click on the FORMS AND  PUBLICATIONS
button -  those forms in Arabic  are listed as ending  in

Please  inform
every red-blooded American you know, that  this is happening.
It is  outrageous! The  camel's nose is literally now
OFFICIALLY under  the tent!