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Saturday, July 31, 2010

The Polls

We all know that the polls reflecting American views on ObamaCare, Stimulus II, etc., were against the imposition of these pieces of crap,..err,..legislation. The Obama administration, through the Czar of Propaganda (that be Gibbs) and from the President himself, denied following the polls.

Well,..... following the polls and basing decisons off of them are two different things. Nobody can say Obama used the polls to make decisions, sir, he sure didn't do that. He made decisions against the wishes of the American people. I hope everyone remembers that 94 days from now, and then again in November 2012!

But if he ain't following the polls then why does the White house host Wednesday night meetings, at 8:00 pm EST, to discuss the latest polling data? Well, the answer is obvious, develop a propaganda strategy to counter the polls.

Obama is on pace to double the amount of spending Bush did for polls. In that last 18 months Obama has spent $4.5 million on polls. In Bush's first 24 months, his total expednitire for polls was $3.1 million. Obama is on pace to spend a total of $6 million his first 24 months.

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