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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

California in the Same Boat as Detroit

California - Going the Way of Detroit Not necessarily going bankrupt,..not just yet, but the level of corruption and governmental misfeasance makes the formerly Great State of California a good bet to goes toes up soon. Read this article from The Blaze, entitled "Relentless CNN Reporter Grills Calif. Health Secretary Until She Responds to His Questions About Fraud Allegations",

Refusing to take no for an answer, CNN’s Drew Griffin tracked down California Health and Human Services Secretary Diana S. Dooley and pelted her with questions about fraud allegations within the state’s federally funded “MediCal” program. Though she initially refused to talk, the news crew’s persistence eventually led to at least a response — before she called security.

“The state of California takes fraud very seriously, and there are many investigations that are underway…all allegations are given full and fair consideration,” she finally answered, adding that she was late for a “meeting.”

However, when Griffin attempted to follow up with some additional questions, Dooley grew irritated and eventually called security.

Earlier in the video package, Griffin hunted down a number of rehab clinic owners and asked them questions about potential fraud related to phony billing to the “MediCal” program in California.

CNN’s investigation found that “MediCal” paid out $94 million in the past two years to drug clinics that have shown signs of deception or questionable billing practices.

Since Dooley’s confrontation with Dooley, the Department of Health and Human Services in California has suspended 38 clinics and are apparently investigating alleged cases of massive fraud, CNN’s Anderson Cooper reported on Friday.

Cooper also grilled the director of the department and pressed him to reveal what they have discovered in their years-long investigation into MediCal fraud. He got very few answers.

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