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Friday, August 2, 2013

Democrat Scandals That Aren't So 'Phony'

Article by Emily Hulsey appearing on the Independent Journal Review

During his economic address Wednesday, President Obama denounced the recent fixation on ‘phony scandals‘, saying that we need to refocus on things that matter, like the economy. However, a large number of recent political scandals aren’t phony; they’re serious breaches of the public’s trust, and ignoring them won’t make them go away.

Bob Filner
San Diego Mayor
Bob Filner refuses to resign, but he may be entering therapy in response to a recent onslaught of sexual harassment allegations.

Anthony Weiner
Former Congressman and current New York mayoral candidate
Anthony Weiner has been involved in numerous sex scandals, leading voters to question his morals and integrity.

DOJ Record Harvesting
Attorney General Eric Holder had little to say when it was revealed that the Department of Justice harvested journalists' phone records in the search for possible leakers.

Michael Brown
Former DC councilman
Michael Brown recently plead guilty to federal bribery charges after he was caught in an undercover sting operation.

IRS Scandal
The IRS's targeting of conservative groups has spawned a suspension, a resignation, and a lot more questions.

Jesse Jackson, Jr.
aka Ass Hat Junior
The son of Jesse Jackson was just sent to prison for using campaign funds for personal matters.

Good article by Ms Hulsey, however she forgot a couple scandals,............but what's a scandal or two to this administration? - the most scandalous administration in the history of this country?

Fast and Furious
Where the Department of Justice sold over 2,000 assault weapons to the Sinaloan Cartel resulting in not only the death of Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry, but a thousands of Mexican citizens caught in the Cartel wars in Mexico.

Private Funding of Obamacare
Government asking for "donations" to fund Obamacare HHS Sectretary Silly Kathleen Sebelius was caught in an illegal move asking for drugs and medical companies to donate to fund Obamacare. That's like asking death row inamtes to buy their own lethal injection drugs.

Detroit Bankruptcy
Following 51 years of total democratic control, Detroit is going under. 

Chicago Death Zone
Nobody is talking about the death toll of blacks in Chicago.  While the race hustlers like Jesse Jackson Sr, Al Sharpton, Barack Obama, Eric Holder only talk about Treyvon Martin being "gunned down", black youth continue to be killed in Chicago is numbers that rival violence in the Middle East.

But the bigger question is why or how Obama gets on television and lies to the American people that these are "fake" scandals? The why is that a large percentage of the people, uneducated and driven only by their entiltist and hating America agenda will agree with him without any critical thinking. The how is that a product of Obama's unbringing and character.

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