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Sunday, September 5, 2010

Obama - Failed Leadership

Everywhere we turn or, or more correctly each channel we surf to, is a constant reminder of Obama and the failed leadership of his administration.

Recently, Obama was on TV saying he inherited the greatest economic disaster since the depression,...well, he got half of it right anyway,...the part about it being the greatest economic disaster since the depression. Too easily he forgets the Democratically controlled Congress with their Freddie and Fannie manipulations started this whole mess,...not to mention his spend and tax plans add to the speed of the pending economic crisis.

Pending, I say? Yes, we haven't hit bottom yet. When the Conservatives take control of the House and maybe the Senate this new year. The trick will not be be blamed for the Obama mistakes or in other words, be left holding the bag.

Current polls have likely voters at 51% for the Republicans and 41% for the Democrats. Something like the largest margin for the Republicans since World War II.

Better yet, 39% of the voters want to elect a non-incumbent on both sides of the aisle.

15% would vote for a Non-incumbent Republican
38% would vote for an Incumbent Republican
24% would vote for a Non-incumbent Democrat
16% would vote for an Incumbent Democrat
so this poll has it at 53% favor Republicans and 40% favor Democrats,...Pelosi, Reid, Barney "Mumbles" Frank, Charlie "Tax Cheat" Rangel, and, Al "Let Me Paint You With a Racist Brush" Sharpton are all sweating bullets as they see not only their power but their bank accounts and lavish retirement plans threatened.

Seems like disatisfaction of current seated Democrats outweighs disatisfaction of currently seated Republican. To tell you the truth, I'm greatly disatisfied with the whole lot.

58 days left to Vote. Lets get this Country back on track.

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