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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Liberals Just Don't Get it - Van Jones' example

Most of you remember Van Jones, one of Obama's radical picks to be a Czar (Green Jobs Czar) in Obama's Deconstruction of the Constitution Administration. Van Jones was forced to resign due to many things he said and the heat the Administration was taking on Van Jones' radical views.....but he is one of many.

The Democrats are having a cow over the projected Republican gains this coming election so they have pulled out all plugs attempting to dilute the Conservative message since they don't have a message of their own except a "counter Republican, Counter Tea Party message".

Van Jones was back in the news a couple days ago admonishing people that "if they thought things were bad now, just wait until the Tea Party takes over." Van Jones went further saying the American people will regret their choices once the Tea Party gets control of our lives, our health care, our jobs, etc.

This demonstrates the Liberal - Socialist mindset where they believe Government must control all aspects our our lives. In my view the Tea Party, which I fully support, has the direct opposite view of Government ...... Limited Government,...out of our lives as much as possible,...and certainly no taxation with representation.

In case you can't remember Van Jones, the excellent Glenn Beck expose on him is embedded below. Glenn was at the forefront of the effort to expose Van Jones for what he was and is,...a radical socialist who believes in big government, long as it is a Socialist government.

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