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Thursday, January 28, 2016

Are you dreaming about gun control?

A furniture shipment was supposed to go to the refugees in camps of Greece to make their life more bearable, ease their pain, and hardship. 
It makes you cry, doesn’t it?

But, a clandestine shipment was foiled by the Greek Border Securities…
Fifty-two (52) tons of guns and ammunition in 14 big 40-ft double containers followed the migrants to Europe, registered as furniture.

If this doesn’t convince you that gun control at the home base is nothing but BS and this refugee migration is nothing less than an ARMED INVASION, then nothing will.

Wonder no more why all those young and stalwart men with such virility took on the task of traveling all those miles (many without their womenfolk and children)…

They are coming to see y’all like they said they would, but not with a bouquet of flowers… 

What are you going to do? Are you going to stand there, ready to get your derrière shot off?

So, what’s in your wallet (pocket or portmanteau)?


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