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Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Democrats: Pass At Least Two Constitutional Changes Wow!

The Leftists do this just before Independence Day! 

Is there any doubt that the Democrats do not have the best interests of this Country in mind? That they want to help Obama fundamentally change this country?

The Democratic Party's proposed platform is calling for a constitutional amendment to overturn at least two Supreme Court decisions related to campaign finance, and another to ensure "equal rights."

Referring to the Constitution as simply a "blueprint for progress," the platform states, Democrats seek to overturn Buckley v. Valeo, the 1976 decision striking down campaign spending limits, and Citizens United, the 2010 decision that extended press freedom to corporations, labor unions and other associations.

"We need to end secret, unaccountable money in politics by requiring, through executive order or legislation, significantly more disclosure and transparency—by outside groups, federal contractors, and public corporations to their shareholders," the proposed platform states.

The proposal includes a call for more federal campaign subsidies, and a restructuring of the federal agency responsible for campaign finance enforcement. "We need to amplify the voices of the American people through a small donor matching public financing system. We need to overhaul and strengthen the Federal Election Commission so that there is real enforcement of campaign finance laws."

The platform is an extension of principles delineated by Hillary Clinton earlier in her campaign, though the call for more matching campaign subsidies is a recent development in the agenda for national Democrats. A model of the program presently exists in just five states: Arizona, Connecticut, Hawaii, Maine and Minnesota. In the last, it has been alternatively deactivated and reactivated over the last decade due to funding disruptions.

Comment: The simple fact is that the Dems want the taxpayers to fund everything. The way things are going with job loss and the lowest job participation rate in the last 50 years, it will soon be 35% of Americans paying taxes and funding everything ,....not just welfare and defense but now the Dems want taxpayer funded campaigns. And if we let the Dems develop a Federal Agency to regulate campaigns like Obama's IRS regulated conservative groups, then we are in trouble.

Democratic policymakers at the federal level have toyed with the idea for years, as well as with the concept of restructuring the FEC. They have generally sought to eliminate a member from the agency, which federal statute mandates be divided between three Republicans and three Democrats, and make it easier for a majority to take enforcement actions.

The platform also calls for passage of an "Equal Rights Amendment," which is followed with a call for a national law requiring employers to provide "paid family and medical leave." It explains that the law "would provide at least 12 weeks of paid leave to care for a new child or address a personal or family member's serious health issue."

Comment: If this gets passed, it will be as job and small business destroying as the $15 minimum wage hike and Obamacare have been, mark my words.

[Source: Rudy Takala, Washington Examiner]