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Saturday, July 24, 2010

Response and Comments to this one Liberal's letter Re: Tom Edwards rant about Illegal Immigration

A re-buttal letter, from a woman, against Tom Edward's rant (read Tom Edward's Letter here) about Illegal Immigration has been making the e-mail rounds. We thought it deserved not only to be seen by all readers, but responded to in direct fashion.

"I am seriously offended by this (Tom Edwards') letter. The tone of this letter and the racial slurs in it seriously piss me off. I have no idea who in the hell Tom Edwards is, and futhermore, I could give a shit less. For starters, I AM Hispanic. My family has been in New Mexico since before New Mexico was a part of the United States. My family tree (the Hispanic side) goes back to the Spanish Explorer De Vaca. I must wonder about Tom Edward's family tree. I can guaran-damn-tee you one f@%$*#g thing, he is not 100% American because if he was, his last name would be White Buffalo or something ethnically similar."

Cowboys Comment: The Cherokee and other Eastern Nations of Native Americans adopted Anglo names since the earlier 1600’s. My grandmother was full blooded Cherokee….I find your reference to the ‘White Buffalo” name insulting. But I will forgive your ignorance, seeing how your letter is pretty damn ignorant. By the way, the other side of my family came here in 1634 (Dedham, Massachusetts) – that doesn’t mean anything because what does is who YOU are and what you do for others.

"I am sick to death of the right wing Republicans blaming the financial condition of our country on the Mexicans."

Cowboy’s Comment: Republicans blaming the Mexicans? Really? And I thought all this time that the Democrats were at fault! Why is California broke? Much of the blame has to go to welfare and alike program funding for illegal immigrants.

"It is not the Mexicans' faults that we have spent enough money to college educate every child in public schools nation wide K through 12 in the war in Iraq alone."

Cowboys’ Comment: Straight from the Liberal Defeat the Truth Manual, Chapter 2: Shift the discussion and blame the War Against Terrorism,…oh, the letter writer forgot to blame Bush here – go back and read Chapter 2 again.

"It is not the Mexican's faults that we, as a country, have lived beyond our means in houses we have no hope of being able to afford, or that gas prices have tripled."

Cowboy’s Comment: You are actually partially right here,..the fault of the housing crunch squarely falls on the shoulders of Chris Dodd and Barney “Mumbles” Frank…who are both Democrats. However, when County Hospitals spend tens of million of tax payers dollars to provide free medical care to Illegals,.....not to mention sucking up welfare dollars, and causing municipalities to spend a disproportionate amount of their emergency services budgets,..... well, draw your own conclusions.

"I am sick to death of being told that, as Americans, we do not have to take responsibility for our own actions. If we spill a cup of coffee, on ourselves, just sue the company we bought the coffee from. If we are fat, just sue the fast food companies. If we smoke and get cancer, just sue the tobacco companies. Personally, I'd like to find all their inner children and spank their asses. How dare anyone over the age of 18 try to blame all their problems on someone else. We are all adults, and I'm ready for people to grow the hell up and act like it."

Cowboy’s Comment: It's one thing to spout "Self Responsbility" and a totally different thing to "Walk the Walk". But I'll take you at your word for a moment here. Then I guess you were “for” the Tort reform being pushed by the Republicans but defeated by the Democrats for inclusion into ObamaCare. Individual responsibility is a plank of both the Republican Party and the Tea Party, so in the end I find your mention of individual responsibility incongruent with the rest of your rant, and especially your thinly veiled message that we should give Illegal immigrants, who are mostly Mexican, a special deal……you need to read the book, “You May Be A Dumb Ass Liberal If,…..”

"The "Mexicans" are not the reason we have gangs. We had gangs long before the "Mexicans" had them. We had drive bys, and drug trade, we had violence and mayhem, we had graffiti, we had thieves, and we had criminals long before we had a problem with Mexican immigration. Tom needs to check his information, because I do believe the beginning gangs were the crips and the bloods. I do believe that those gangs started in California, and I do believe that those gangs are primarily black. Of course, Tom will not mention those gangs, because there is no political support to come out against blacks. Just the "Hispanics". They are fair game."

Cowboy’s Comment: I live in a City with 80 recognized gangs. 79 of them are Hispanic. But that is to be expected with an 85% Hispanic population. Gangs recruit, using victim ideology, from the poorer classes of people who feel disenfranchised or who want something for nothing. Illegal immigrants are not only a prime recruiting pool, they also bring a great deal of gang culture with them. Illegal immigrants are committing an illegal act from the simple fact they “enter without inspection”, not to mention State violations of trespassing and trash dumping on their routes across the seven strand international fence or Rio Grande River, as the case may be. And for the last several years, almost all illegal immigrants also tote narcotics across the border as a means to pay for their guide and transportation.

"There is no NAACP, or ACLU to come calling with a summons to court over publicly saying whatever racist drivel you want to about them like there is with the blacks."

Cowboy’s Comment: Yes, the NAACP will not respond much to anti-illegal immigration talk as they are much too busy calling the Tea Party Racists….without any evidence I might add. The ACLU is to busy defending NAMBLA (aka the Man-Boy Butt Pirate League) and other deviates. However, the Illegal Immigration – Pro Crime supporters do have La Raza, which you conveniently failed to mention. How about MALDEF? How about LULAC? What about the Reconquista Movement? Did you speak out when Mexicans were burning the US Flag and flying the Mexican flag? MALDEF - the Mexican American Legal Defense Fund is supporting the a Civil lawsuit against the Border Patrol agent who shot and killed a Criminal Mexican while defending his life and the life of his prisoner....unbelievable! And of course La Raza - The Race,....Anglo race groups like the White Supremacist movements are abhorrent,..we all think they stink,...but La Raza is mainstream to the Mexican and Mexican-American community. Does anyone see a double standard? And you know what? You don't have any demonstrations by Asian-American's asking for spepcial privileges for Asian immigrants.

"So you can spout whatever Nazi like bs you want to, cause no one will ever have the balls to call you the racist bastard that you are. Well, you know what? I have the balls, and I am doing it. As for all of you who thought nothing of forwarding this letter, you probably ought to take a long look in the mirror too, and ask yourselves, just how American am I?"

Cowboy’s Comment: I really don’t need a final comment, but because this woman’s letter was so ignorant, but I wanted to get in the last word,...especially when she is claiming to have testicles. Come on that's just plain silly. Please take the pictures of John Edwards, Al Gore and John Kerry off your fridge,... go into the bathroom and conduct an inspection. I'm sure you will not find any danglies. ANd here's a tip, who you are calling a Nazi,.....alot of us at one point in our lives wrote a blank check, to the U.S. Gov't, in the amount of "up to and including our life" just so you have free speech and the right to be a goober.

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