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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

What People Are Think About Illegal Immigration - Letters to the Editor

A buddy sent me these letters to the Editor of a Newspaper that were recently published, showing what people are thinking.

Nation of citizens

I'm tired of hearing that America is a nation of immigrants. According to Wikipedia, as of 2009, only 13 percent of our population was foreign-born.

That means that almost 90 percent are native-born.

Yes, America was founded by immigrants 200 years ago. As America grew, so did the need for immigration laws. Yes, many came here before immigration laws existed.

But the obvious need for the citizens to be protected from criminals and the diseased, and institutions from being overwhelmed, brought about these just laws.

America is a nation of citizens. We are a nation of citizens who expect our government to do its main function, protecting our rights as citizens.

Keep standards the same for all

I'm an American citizen and must show ID when:

1. Stopped by law enforcement officers.

2. Making purchases on any department store card.

3. Doctor's visit.

4. When filling out a credit card or loan request.

5. When renewing my driver's license.

6. When applying for any kind of insurance.

7. When filling out college applications.

8. When donating blood.

9. When buying an air fare.

I'm sure there are more instances. The point is that we, as U.S. citizens, are required by law to prove who we are nearly every day.

Why should undocumented immigrants, in this country illegally, be exempt? What makes them so special?

I served two tours of duty in Nam , was wounded and almost died for my country. Why shouldn't we guard our borders as closely as any other nation in the world does?

Go Arizona !

Illegal Immigration

Mexico’s President says the Arizona Immigration Law is a violation of human rights. Compared to Mexican immigration laws it is a walk in the park.

Mexico’s Law mandates that Federal, State and Local Policia cooperate with Federal Immigration Authorities for the arrest of illegal immigrants. In Mexico , it’s a felony to be an illegal immigrant, punishable up to 2 tears in prison. If you re-enter, then it’s a 10 year prison term.

Citizens who help illegal immigrants are considerable criminals.

So whose law is really a heavier toll on humans rights? Calderon is an idiot.

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