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Thursday, September 2, 2010

New Look at Obama and Holder's Department of Justice

How interesting? No! How damn sickening it is that the U.S Department of Justice changed their website. Gone are the colorful red, white and blue patriotic U.S. flag decorations on the page, to be replaced by stark black and white. And at the top of the page is an interesting quote: "The common law is the will of mankind, issuing from the life of the people."

Catchy, huh? Just one tiny little (too small to be relevant but still obvious point)..... the quote is from C. Wilfred Jenks, who in the 1930's was a leading proponent of the "international law" movement, which had as its goal to impose a global common law and which backed 'global workers' rights.'

Combined with the Hillary Clinton's State Department's move to bring Arizona before the U.N. Human Rights Commission outlines this Adminstrations social justice - one world government mentality.

Call it Marxism, call it Progressivism, call it Socialism, call it Obamaism - under any of those names it definitely makes the DOJ look corrupt in their sleek, new black website with Marxist accessories to match.

I know the screen print of the DOJ website is hard to read, go here to see it for yourself:

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