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Friday, April 16, 2010

Obama - Unbridled Arrogance

President Obama was on the news again talking dismissively about the Tea Party Movement saying (words to the effect) ”That he was amused by them protesting taxes, (and he actually said) "You would think they would say Thank You”.

WHAT?!? Thank you for What??? For ramming Government Health Care down our throats? For Stimulus II? For the government take over of Car manufacturers? For your plan to end the Bush Tax Cuts? For triple the national Debt and mortgaging our grandchildren’s future? For your plan to ram Cap and Trade (what should be called Crap and Tax) through the legislative process? For apologizing to the World? For bowing to third world dictators? What exactly do you think we need to thank you for? My reply to you is something like thank you, but doesn’t include the word “thank”.

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