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Sunday, April 4, 2010

An Open Letter to the U.S. Supreme Court

Received this on e-mail as was asked to pass it on. I'll think I'll just post it instead.


I am a veteran of the Korean War era and for the first time in my life I am extremely fearful for my country. I feel that all the deaths and casualties of all the wars in my lifetime may have been in vane. Progressive politicians, judges and lawyers have so complicated and distorted the interpretations of our Constitution that they have brought us to the doorstep of dictatorial tyranny.

As you know, the United States is not a Democracy. Democracies are majority rule and can elect evil men or women as well as good, and they often do. We are a Constitutional Republic. We do not elect people to govern us or to control our lives. We elect people to represent us, to perform the duties, and only the duties, enumerated in the Constitution and to protect our God given rights. It is time to apply common sense to the interpretation of the documents given to us by the Founding Fathers.

First of all, America is a Christian Nation. It was founded by Christian Men based on Judeo Christian values. They had a deep and abiding belief in God and that the rights of man came from God, not the government. This is evident in their writings, their sayings and the way they lived their lives. They did not say you have to be Christian, or even believe in God to live here. You are free to worship God in any way you please or not at all. Your beliefs and actions, however, cannot in anyway contradict or destroy our Constitution, our laws or the values on which they were founded. There is no room here for Atheism, Socialism, Marxist Communism or any other isms that aim to destroy our belief in God. There is no room for sharia law, honor killings, the killing of infidels, genital mutilation or any other religious belief that would destroy our liberty or our values. The “Wall of Separation of Church and State” as interpreted by the progressives does not exist. It is time to end the purge of God and Christianity from our government, our schools and our lives!

The current rage of the progressives is their claim that the government has the ability to grant “rights” based on their interpretation of the phrase ”Pursuit of Happiness” in the Declaration of Independence, and both the power of Congress to provide for the “General Welfare ” and the “Commerce Clause” in the Constitution. The “Pursuit of Happiness” and “General Welfare” apply to every citizen in the United States, individually and as a whole. They are part of the description of the rights granted by God. God given rights belong to each individual at the time of birth. They are free. They have no costs in terms of material value. Government granted, so called, “rights,” do have a significant material cost. This material wealth must be produced by man using his talents and the raw materials given to us by God.

Therefore when the Government grants a “right” to one group of individuals, such as in the current “Health Reform Law” does, it must confiscate the wealth produced by another. Thus it depletes or destroys their “General Welfare” and their right to the “Pursuit of Happiness”! This is clearly unconstitutional. You cannot provide for the “General Welfare” and support the “Pursuit of Happiness’ for everyone by taking the wealth produced by one person and giving it to another.

The progressives have also stretched the “Commerce Clause” to infinity. Every action and everything in our lives can now be deemed to affect interstate commerce. Congress uses it to eliminate our freedom of choice in the most personal aspects of our lives. They are telling us what kind of cars we can drive, what kind of light bulbs we can use etc. They are trying to control everything from, what we can eat, to what kind of toilets we can have. One progressive Congressman has even bragged that they can control anything thru the Commerce Clause. Unfortunately, this is true under the past progressive interpretations of that clause, even including the Supreme Court. This assault on our personal freedom of choice has to stop!

Legal precedence be damned. The survival of America is at stake. I am asking, no begging, that you accept legal jurisdiction over the various lawsuits by several states regarding the unconstitutionality of the Health Reform Law. Start now on the long process of turning this ship of state around and heading it back to the Constitution given us by our Founding Fathers. Restore our Freedom.

James M. Brennan
126 Noya Place
Loudon TN 37774

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