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Friday, April 16, 2010

Allan Combs - Leftist Buffoon

Driving through a remote area last night, the only radio station I could get was the Allan Combs show. I know, I know what you’re going say, but I like to think I’m smart enough to know that when Allan Combs talks, the leftist spins follows.

Accordingly to Allan Combs, Tea Parties are: 1 - funded by ex-Texas Congressman Tom Delay, and, 2- comprised only of rowdy people with the sole motivation of hating the President. The good thing was that 90% of the callers to the show were calm people saying that they were independents attending Tea Party Rallies and did not see any bad behavior, only respectfulness from the crowd. Of course, Allan changed the subject, re-directed questions and cut people off – which is the hallmark of leftist tactics.

Allan spent a lot of time talking about how Victoria Jackson, late of Saturday Night Live, is the face and name of Tea Party as she was spouting racist comments and then performed her son “There’s a Communist in the White House”. Well, no doubt about it, Victoria Jackson is hardly an articulate speaker and her singing career started and ended with that song. However, Allan conveniently forgets about Whoopy Goldberg (another mediocre Television personality) calling for Rush Limbaugh to die and various Democratic Congressman calling George Bush a war Criminal. There again, the left double standard. Allan – you are a Buffoon. Where was your outrage then Allan?

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