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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Tea Party People - Who Are We?

According to a USA Today Poll, this is who the Tea Party People are:

49% Republican
43% Independent
8% Democrat (no surprise)

70% Conservative
22% Moderate
7% Liberal (go figure)

55% Men
45% Women

19% Annual Income less than $30,000
26% Annual Income $30,000 to $49,000
55% Annual Income $50,000 or more (these are the evil rich people)

79% Non-Hispanic White
6% Non-Hispanic Black
15% Other (must be aliens, not illegal aliens, but the extra-terrestrial type)

The USA Today poll is one thing, but the accompanying Associated Press article calls the Tea Party the angry-at-government movement and has yet to establish itself as a force, which after rallies, thins out.

This is who I think the Tea Party is,....or my Demographics poll if you will:

100% tired of over burdensome taxes
100% against the Stimulus Plan, the Health Care Bill, Cap and Trade,..oh, yeah, and bowing before the Saudi Royal family
100% tired of un-ethical and in some cases criminal politicians
100% tired of political correctness
100% want smaller government
100% (or near to it) believe in God, respect any religious belief, but believe this Country was founded upon the Christianity
100% believe in the pursuit if happiness and the government's role is to get out of the way, not create obstacles
100% believe this Country is heading for a collapse unless we greatly curb spending
100% (or near to it) want a drastic reduction in entitlement programs and pork barrel spending

The mainstream media is intent on minimizing the Tea Party movement as are politicians, mainly Democrats, but some Republicans too.

We have got to get to the polls. Stay informed. Talk politics with your friends, get them involved. We have go to save this Country - there is no place less to go.

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