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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Just Some Thoughts

If you have been following the political talk shows and talk radio, you have undoubtedly heard a Liberal spouting off about the Conservatives having no new ideas. It’s true – the Conservative ideas of small federal government, governmental powered limited to what is enumerated by the Constitution, fair taxation and taxation with representation, enforced ethics in government, getting government out of the way so people and businesses can flourish – are all ideas of our Founders and put in place over 220 years ago only to see these ideas slowly eroded by the Liberals in power starting with Woodrow Wilson, expanding through FDR and now attempting to get momentum and a further erosion of Constitutional rights under Barack Obama.

Just who is Charlie Rangel (D-NY) accusing when he says “it is pretty odd that the only Congressional Reps being target for ethics investigations are both Black Americans”. The other unethical mutt if you haven’t been keeping track is Maxine Waters (D-CA) who used her influence to drive funding to a bank where her husband had a financial interest. Man, are people quick to through down the racist card in attempts to drive the focus someplace else. Charlie Rangel is like a Cockroach being illuminated by a flashlight.

Ever notice Free Speech applies only to Liberals? Some idiot can have a painting of Mary Magdalena with human feces smeared on it and call it art and protected under free speech, but have some kids wear a t-shirt with an American Flag on it and they get forced to remove the t-shirt to avoid hurting the feelings of other kid’s who identify with another country. Unbelievable.

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