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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Hillsdale College and Imprimis

If you listen to Conservative Talk Radio, you have undoubtedly heard Mark Levin, a Constitutional Scholar. And if you have heard Mark Levin you have heard him talk about about Hillsdale College.

Hillsdale College is nationally known for its refusal to accept federal or state taxpayer support. Their aim is to raise up a new generation of leaders for America who share a passion for liberty, who believe in the free-enterprise system, and who want to restore the principles of limited government enshrined in the Constitution of the United States.

Hillsdale publishes Imprimis, which is Latin for “In the First Place.” It’s about restoring “first principles” – the principles of liberty that made America the freest, most prosperous nation in human history.

Specifically, Imprimis is a digest of the best speeches that are given at Hillsdale College events throughout the year by some of America’s (and the world’s) most influential conservative leaders, as well as commentary and analysis on national and international events.

Past speakers in this series (dating back to 1972) have included such political, intellectual and business leaders as:

• Former President Ronald Reagan
• Former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher
• Nobel Prize winning economist Milton Friedman
• Publisher Steve Forbes
• Pulitzer Prize winning columnist George Will
• FOX News commentators Fred Barnes and Brit Hume
• Free market economist Walter Williams
• Former Secretary of Education William Bennett
• Economist and author Thomas Sowell
• Florida Governor Jeb Bush
• Radio host and political commentator Rush Limbaugh

Not everyone can be in attendance to hear these landmark speeches by these great leaders. But you can read the best of them every month in Imprimis.

You can go to the Hillsdale website and join the over 1.9 million Americans who are receiving Imprimis for free.

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