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Sunday, June 24, 2012

Obama Orders Military 'Gay Pride' Celebrations

I do not know why this is not getting much press in the legacy mainstream-lamestream, pro-Obama media. You would think the liberals would be "spiking the football" with their degradation of the military and Obama's "victory" in bringing gays into the military mainstream. The only reason this is not highly publicized in the liberal media is that they are concerned with unleashing a backlash in the great majority of the population who would be at least a little inceased at manditory celebration of a deviant lifestyle.

In the military, ethnic pride celebration consists of a day where demonstrations, readings, dances are used to expose serive members to that group. I can see it now for Gay Pride Month celebration where a couple of fairies dance together on a stage.

The best article on this was written by Mark Alexander of the Patriot Post in an article titled: "Obama Orders Military 'Gay Pride' Celebrations - CinC Using Armed Forces for Political Fodder"

Here is just a little of that excellent article.  Please go to Patriot Post and read the entire article.

Just when you thought the Left's campaign of cultural degradation couldn't become any worse, Barack Hussein Obama, ostensibly the Commander in Chief of our Armed Forces, sent down a decree that the Service Branches must celebrate "Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Pride Month."

The purpose of this mandate is to affirm the minuscule number of homosexuals (2-3 percent) serving in the military ranks -- mostly in rear echelon positions. Defense Secretary Leon Panetta dutifully carried out the order, saying, "During Pride Month, and every month, let us celebrate our rich diversity and renew our enduring commitment to equality for all." Obama's declaration came during the same week the DoD announced it would comply with atheist group demands that all military editions of the Bible be removed from Base Exchange centers.

The complainant had prepped a lawsuit based on the errant notion that "separation of church and state" is enshrined in our Constitution. Naturally, the Obama administration accepted their objection without a fight, based upon the Left's adherence to a so-called "living constitution." Apparently, Panetta's "enduring commitment to equality for all" applies to sexual preference but not faith. Oh, wait ... maybe it doesn't even apply to sexual preference. After all, when was the last time any Leftist celebrated "Heterosexual Pride Month"?

Make no mistake, Obama's Gay Political Play is a keystone in the Left's macro agenda to undermine the most critical pillar of Liberty, the family. However, there's nothing "gay" about Gender-Disorientation Pathology, and "affirming homosexuals" in any context not only poses a threat to natural families and good military order, but disregards the welfare of millions who manifest this destructive pathology -- merely using them as political pawns.

Rather than provide one lone opinion about Obama's military "Gay Pride Month" mandate, I asked 20 career military officers, five from each of the service branches, to give me their opinions about this mandate.

While I value the opinions of many young friends who are among the enlisted ranks, I chose to ask officers, in order to provide a more strategic perspective on this issue. The responses I received came from those who ranked from O-2 to O-9.

Each reported that their sentiments were echoed by virtually all of their colleagues. Each agreed to provide their "personal perspective" without attribution, because the military PC police (Lefty lawyers in the JAG and IG offices) are very persistent at prosecuting Obama dissenters, and these respondents expressed an interest in completing their military careers, abiding by their oaths as military officers, and endeavoring to maintain history's best fighting force in defense of Liberty -- despite assaults from the CinC to the contrary.

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