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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Obama Adminstration Lying,.....On Benghazi

Most of us should know by now that when Liberals call Conservatives "racists" it is because they cannot argue their case on the merits of facts and in most cases are caught in a lie. And there is no more bigger lie than what Obama and his cronies are saying about Benghazi.

Congressional Leaders,....Republicans that is,..... because the Democrats are not interested in getting to the truth on Benghazi, are planning on calling United Nations Ambassador Rice to testify on why she lied about the Terrorist attacks on the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi and who prompted her to lie not only once by several times.  And Lie she did on nationally broadcasted television.

Disgraced former Army General and CIA Director Petraeus testified that the CIA talking points on the Terrorist Attacks were sent to the White House, but obviously changed when the Administration, from Obama to Rice to the President's Press Sectretary, all pushed the lie that the terrorist attack was actually just a riot by a mob upset about some obscure anti-Mohammed you tube video.

The White House is saying that the CIA sent the talking points which outlined the anti Mohammed You Tube video protest mob, not terrorists. The White House also said they ordered the military to respond to the Americans who were under attack. The military says they were NOT ever ordered to respond and were actually prohibited from responding.  General Ham, the AFRICOM Commander was actually relieved of command. Okay, pretty simple to prove....where is the execute order? Show the American people a copy of the execute order, Mr. Obama.

And finally, when Republicans state that Ambassador Rice, if nominated for Hilary Clinton's replacement as Secretary of State, would not be confirmed because of her lying, the Democrats counter by calling the conservative law makers "Racists". Unbelieveable that some Americans, perhaps as much as 51% will believe this.

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