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Monday, March 25, 2013

One Man's Personal View on Private Property

One Man's Personal View on Private Property, and a good one at that.

Private Property and the Second Amendment, by Alfred Adask

Not one of the nations opting for gun control recognized private property rights. Not one of the nations opting for gun control achieved prosperity while gun control was in effect.

According to political scientist political scientist R. J. Rummel, “In the 20th century, democide [murder of civilians by their own government] passed war as the leading cause of non-natural death.”

Get that? According to Mr. Rummel, during the 20th century, more people were murdered by their own government than were killed by a foreign government in the midst of a genuine war.

Virtually all of these two hundred million deaths of civilians by their own governments came after the people had been sufficiently stupid and/or self-destructive to agree to surrender their arms to their government.

Simply put, if Mr. Rummel’s studies are correct, gun control caused more deaths in the 20th century than war.

Think international war is bad?

Domestic gun control is worse.

The 2nd Amendment was intended to protect us against our own government. It doesn’t only protect our freedoms and our lives—it also protects our right to private property, our prosperity and standard of living.

Lose your guns; lose your private property; lose your personal and national prosperity; and, maybe, lose your life. Bet on it.

Remember: No one really wants you disarmed except the gangs (private or governmental) who plan to rob you.

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