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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Campaign Against Christians

Mychal Massie makes a good point, albeit facetiously about which religious group is conducting all the terrorist acts, and which reglious groups are being persecuted. However his best point is that if the U.S. Government wil not support 1st Amendment rights for Christian soldiers or citizens, then perhaps the Government should not not use Christians to fight their wars nor accept taxes from Christians. From Mychal Massie 

According to Investors Business Daily, a spokesman for ISAF Joint Command said: "We can confirm that those items were removed from the chapel. These items were removed out of respect for the beliefs of other faiths." (Army Removes Crosses and Steeple From A Chapel In Afghanistan; 4/8/13)

What things was the spokesman referring to? The things removed from the chapel by the Army were Crucifixes and a steeple because they are religious symbols that offend Muslims. The interesting thing is that the action was prompted because of a complaint filed by an atheist military person which led to a formal letter of complaint being written to the Pentagon by an atheist organization. My point being, based on the course of complaint one could argue that Muslims are atheists, in addition to being terrorists.

Adding insult to injury, an Army training instructor lists Evangelical Christianity and Catholicism as examples of religious extremism.

I was prepared to be offended by the children of Erebus who have claimed such stupidity. But then I remembered that it is Evangelical Christians and Catholics who are responsible for thousands of violent acts of terrorism around the world. I forgot that it is Christians and Catholics who are responsible for vaginal mutilation of their wives and daughters. I forgot that it is Christians and Catholics who are responsible for stoning and caning women for such extreme acts of insubordination as learning to read. I forgot that it is Christians and Catholics who are responsible for beheadings, bombings, and practically every act of terrorism directed at military installations and bases located in the United States. I forgot that it is atheists and Muslims who are responsible for raising tens of millions of private dollars to send overseas to help those suffering. I forgot that it is Christians and Catholics who are responsible for raping and murdering women and children in some of the poorest regions around the world.

How silly of me not to remember that Christians and Catholics worship and follow after Jesus Christ the Risen Savior and Lord while Muslims follow after a faux prophet who was a murderer, a pedophile, a rapist, and is rumored to have engaged in homosexual acts.

Yes, sir, I was just about to lose my cool until I realized that it is an atheist and one of the most ritualistic cults under the sun that have teamed up in an attempt to outlaw the religious ornamentation Christians and Catholics in a worship chapel. Then I came up with a solution to the whole thing.

If they don't want Christians and Catholics worshipping there that's fine -- send home all of the Christians and Catholics. Do not send another Christian or Catholic ever again into a battle zone or area of conflict. Let the atheists and their Muslim brothers handle such things.

And I would also add that the federal government not receive another nickel of tax revenue from Christians or Catholics. If they want to deny us the right to worship let them deny themselves our service and tax dollars.

The bottom line is that Muslims and atheists contribute nothing but hatred. But, be of good cheer. Because the day is coming, and may well be very near, when they will reside in a place separate from us. We will reside for eternity in a place of untold beauty and wonder; they will reside in a place populated by those, like themselves, unable to even drink the moisture from their sweat to satisfy their thirst.

I believe this is where we say "The fool has said there is no God."

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