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Saturday, April 7, 2012

Current Status of the Republican Presidential Candidate

With 1144 delegates needed to lock up the Republican Nomination to run against Barack Obama this November, former Governor Mitt Romney has 658, former Senator Rick Santorum has 281, with Newt at 135 and Ron Paul at 51.

There have been approximately fourteen national polls, if you give polls any credence, since the beginning of March 2012,....from Gallup, CNN, McClatchy, Ramussen, Fox News, etc. Romney came out ahead in 13 of these polls by margins ranging from 4 to 13 points, while Santorum was tops in one poll by a margin of 4 percent.

Santorum's slight to moderate slide since Feb and Romney's upswing in the same time period, combined with the curent delegate count would lead one to believe that in the interests of getting ready for the bigger and far more importance contest with Brack Obama, that Santorum, as well as Gingrich and Paul would concede, suspending their campaigns for the greater good. Yet attacks on Romney continue, mostly from Santorum, this is NOT in the best interest of the Republican party nor this Country.

I get it that Santorum is the more conservative candidate. He is largely more experienced in foreign policy and is certainly more conservative on the family values and morals - which incidentally does not make him more so that Romney, it's just that these issues are more important to Santorum. In fact, this is also Santorum's weakness as the Liberals deceive and outright lie about Santorum's and the Republican's platform,...and example is Obama's speeches about the "Republican War on Women". How the President can lay down to sleep at night when he spent the day lying, is beyond me.

Up until about three weeks ago I was a Santorum supporter. No more. We have to unite as a party in order to unite as a Nation. So now I am not only comfortable supporting Mitt Romney, I am excited about our chances of wining the White House and not only bringing a screeching halt to the collective socialism and anti-constitutional direction of the Obama Administration, but moving forward as a conservative nation with personal freedoms and market based capitalism as the focal point to restore the promise of this Country and our status as the beacon to the world.

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  1. Well, I believe the should give Rep Joe Wilson a medal. As he had the balls to yell it out during a "Presidential Speech" in front of both houses of congress.