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Thursday, July 5, 2012

Military Culture

This was sent from a retired U.S. Army Special Forces Sergeant Major and shows a glimpse of personal honor and integrity lacking with many Americans (mostly Liberal) today and certainly with a large group of immigrants (illegal and legal) who are demonstrating and demanding free stuff, care, social security pay, college tuition, etc.

 The background is that within the Army, promotion boards for enlisted ranks up to E-6/Staff Sergeant are held locally at the unit. The soldier's record, performance evaluations, education, military schooling are tallied into points. The final evaluation is a oral board conducting in front of several senior non-commissioned officers (NCO's) who have an interest in selected the best for promotion.

This is what transpired at one local promotion board for Staff Sergeant promotions at a Battalion level:

This is an oral board where the candidate appears in his dress uniform and answers questions from a Command Sergeant Major, 3 Sergeants Major, and the First Sergeant. Sergeant Kim, born in North Korea, escaped at an early age, lived in South Korea and served in the South Korean Army was one of the candidates.

He had immigrated to the US joined the Army, and volunteered for our unit. We were told that he was ready, had studied but that his English was very rough. Sergeant Kim struggled through the questions and he was able to perform above a passing grade.

At the end, the Command Sergeant Major asked him what is in the news today that interests you. He quickly replied, today on June 25, 1950 the North Korean Army began its offensive into South Korea. He went on to say how many US Soldiers were killed in action, wounded and are still missing. He said had the US not helped the South Korean people how he and his family would not be here today. He closed with how proud he was to have the opportunity to serve in our unit now that America is in need, in order to repay what he perceived as a debt.

I think I will remember this the rest of my life.

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