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Friday, July 6, 2012

Worst Arguments Yet on Fast and Furious

Liberal mouthpiece Tamara Holder argued that Barack Obama and Eric Holder do not need to, nor should not release any more documents relating to Fast and Furious because to do so would un-necessarily place border agents at risk. Say What?!?  Place them at more risk than 2,000 guns imported to the Mexican Cartels did? She also said words to the effect that Conservatives are using Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry's death to attack Holder and the President. What!?? Ms. Holder, how dare you even menton Brian Terry's name. You should go back to Jesse Jackson Sr.

Attorney General Holder is now arguing that Congress holding him in contempt is all about the Republicans attacking Obama. Really? Holder dares make that bald face lie like that? No, Mr. Holder this is about one dead Border Patrol agent, 200 or more dead Mexican citizens, you hiding documents relating to who authorized the gun running and all because you and maybe the President authorized guns to be sold to Mexican Cartels in order to generate more reasons and more public opinion to inact restrictive firearms laws here in the U.S.

Holder said that he believes the 2nd Amendment does not grants an individual right to own firearms, and, Obama and Holder have both said that it is the U.S. who is arming Mexican Cartels,....well he's almost right about is the U.S. government who is arming the cartels.

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