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Friday, August 3, 2012

Random Venting

Will Holder Prosecute or even investigate Jon Corzine? Fat Chance of that. With Holder and the Obama Administration going after Conservatives States,..first suing States who are trying to fix the illegal alien issue and secondly suing the states who are trying to solve voter fraud, Holder has no time to investigate or prosecute crimes such as Corzine stealing money from investors or Black militants intimidating voters. I find it funny that the Black Militants only chose locations where elderly white people voted as opposed to trying to intimidate voters in states like Texas, or Arizona or Montana, or Wyoming,....or Alabama, etc.  

Ted Cruz and the Tea Party Victorious in Texas Republican Senate Run Off Election. The Tea Party, yet again, showed it's grass roots strength by Ted Cruz winning the run off election against David Dewhurst an entrenched old school Republican in the Republican stronghold of Texas. So all those Liberal and Rhino declarations that the Tea Party is dead are vastly over stated and in fact, totally wrong. And what is telling is that Cruz won by such a large margin,.....56 % to 44%, even though he was outspent $24 million to $9 million.  

More Legacy Media Bias demonstrated in the news reports about Anne Romney's and Michelle Obama's clothing. First we had the Legacy Media, also known as the Mainstream Media or Obama's fifth Column, beating up Anne Romney because she was wearing a $900 blouse,...."Oh, she is so out of touch with middle class America by wearing and flaunting that expensive item of clothing,...shame on her."........ Contrast that with the Media reporting on Michelle Obama wearing a $8,600 shirt/vest,...."Oh, Michelle sets a high bar for style,.....oh, her arms are so toned,.....". Come on, even you Liberals have to see that the media is so slanted towards Democrats, that they may as well get paid by the DNC.    Well, ......maybe they are.  

Facebook Poll on Welfare Do you think welfare recipients should be drug tested?
Yes: 168,439 (94%)
No: 7,575 ( 4%)
Don't Know: 2,724 (2%)

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