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Saturday, August 11, 2012

Romney - Ryan 2012!

By now most people have heard that Governor Romney has selected Wisconsin Congressman Paul Ryan as his Vice Presidential pick.

Ryan, 42 years old, is a seven term representative who presents huge problems for the the Obama-Biden campaign.

With Romney's successful business record as well as his record of balancing the budget and reducing unemployment while as Masachuesetts Governor, combined with Ryan's knowledge and forward plans for fiscal solvency of this Country compared to the Obama-Biden record of incuring more debt than all the other President's combined and the fact that Obama is the ONLY President in history without a budget, .....the choice for America and indeed the only hope for this Country resides with Mitt Romney and his exceptional choice for Vice-President, Paul Ryan.

Ryan is already vetted and has a established record, not only on fiscal issues and his work on presenting a budget to get this Great Country out of the tired morass of Obama debt, but Ryan is tested and proven to be tough in the way he handled the Obama - Biden-Pelosi-Ried-Soros attacks on him.

Wow, what a great pick for Romney and what a great team for this Country.  Make sure you watch the debates between Romeny and Obama, and Ryan and Biden.  It will be like watching the Muppets play the New York Giants in football.  

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