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Thursday, February 7, 2013

The Height of Hypocrisy - Targeting Americans

I wonder if Colin Powell, after the Supreme Court hears the case involving Obama's false citizenship documentation and a forged social security card, will re-think his position on supporting Obama,......Nah,...Powell already bought it and is way too deep into the lie. Powell will try and make some type of Republican conspiracy over it.

I wonder why Hillary Clinton gets to skate on her outburst about it "mattering how the deaths of Americans in Benghazi occured." As far as I'm concerned Hillary resigned in disgrace over her failures, which are many. 

I wonder why it is okay for Obama to order the assassination or "kinetic targeting" of US citizens but to use inhanced interrogation (water boarding) under controlled, medically supervised conditions is unacceptable.  The big danger here in targeting Americans without due process,...without a jury trial of your peers..  If the Government can order a murder overseas why can't they do it inside the U.S.?

Nobody can deny that if George Bush was killing US Citizens with an armed drone then he would have been run out of Washington by all the screaming telling it is when it is Obama putting out the hit list and you hear nothing but crickets.

All of the above are examples of the Hypocritical Liberals in power and the mainstream media which supports them openly,...not even trying to hide it. It is pathetic and will be the probable downfall of this Nation, unless the overwhelming national debt kills this country first.

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