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Thursday, May 2, 2013

Radical Muslims Destroying British War Cemetary in Libya

This video explains much better than hundreds of hours of talking heads could on describing Muslims and radical islamist beliefs and the mindset these scumbags have. The below video depicts Al-Qaida mutts in Libya destroying grave markers at a World War II British cemetary in Libya. If it wasn't for those soldiers and their U.S. counterparts Libya would be speaking German and saluting Adolf Hitler statutues.

Make no mistake about it. Islam is a blight on the world. Calling for the death of non-believers,....calling Israeli's son's of pigs,....advocating nuclear holocaust against the Jewish state.

There will be some of you that say not all Muslims are the way the crowd in the video are. Really? If that is true then the "alleged" community of moderate Muslims need to take back their religion. What? Nobody stepping forward? That's what I thought.

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