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Saturday, May 11, 2013

What Difference Does It Make?

"What Difference Does It Make?", the statement that former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton so infamously made during her appearance before Congress on what hapended in Benghazi.

So now that question can be answered, at least in part due to the testimony from three State Department employees this past week in front of Congress. And despite Democrat Congress members attempts to make this look like a political witch hunt, the truth is starting to emerge,....and it paints a very bad picture, criminally negligent and incredibly incompetent to be sure, of the Obama Administration including the President, Secretaries of State and Defense and through misfeasance, the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs and elements the military chain of command.

We now know that the CIA issued warnings of an impending attack months before it happended. We know that despite repeated requests by Ambassador Stevens for additional security measures and personnel, Hillary Clinton approved and/or ordered a REDUCTION of 20+ State Department security personnel in Libya.

We know that someone in the Military Chain of Command ordered the four Special Forces (Green Berets) personnel in Tripoli NOT to respond. This is one of many incidents where the military misfeasance comes in. These four soldiers had the means and capability to make a difference, requested repeatedly to go to the aid of the Benghazi consulate, but were ordered to stand down - the big question is where that order originated from.

We also now know that the initial assault on the Benghazi consulate by 60 some odd terrorists was initially repelled by six Americans, until the terrorists brought mortar rounds onto the consulate and the resulting fires, toxic smoke and casualties took it's toll on the defenders.

We know that as the attack unfolded Deputy Ambassador Hicks reported several times to the State Department National Operations Center as well as spoke to the loathsome Hillary Clinton about the terrorist attack and there can be no denial,...THERE CAN BE NO DENIAL, that anyone thought the events in Benghazi starting on September 11th, 2012, were anything but a deliberate and well planned terrorist attack.

We know that the CIA Talking Points provided to the State Department were revised 12 times, removing any mention that the Al Qaeda-affiliated group Ansar al-Sharia terrorist organization conducted the attack as well as references to CIA warnings about terrorist threats in Benghazi in the months preceding the attack. We know that Hilliary Clinton's spokeswoman, Victoria Nuland, was the evil hench wrench in this whole deal and could not have accomplished this without full approval by her direct boss, that wrinkled old hag, Hillary Clinton.

We know that the final edited talking points came out of a White House meetings just prior to UN Ambassador Rice's first of five talk shows on the Sunday following the attacks. Rice's appearance on five,...count them, FIVE talk shows show just how desperate the Adminstration was at weaving this lie about a video causing a popular riot. Note to the low order American voter,.....popular demonstrations turned riots don't usually come with AK-47 armed 60 Muslim terrorists, nor mortars and rocker propelled grenades.

Obama cannot deny that he knew from the get go it was a terrorist attack and secondly he cannot deny that he approved this massive lie to the American people with the assumption that he thought the truth would hurt his re-lection chance.

And the motive for General Petraeus, then head of the CIA ,who at first backed up Obama's assertions that the final edited talking points were the truth? Privately he was angry about the radically changed talking points, but now it is he time for him to separate himself from the liars and regain some degree of honor.  It is a pretty good asumption that someone threatened disclosure of his affair, which made him play ball.  He is another one violating their oath. 

There should be massive resignations across the board. President Obama, Press Secretary Carney or whatever that ass clown's name is,.......and practically the entire upper management of the State department needs to go. Hillary Clinton should be charged for lying to Congress. And once this is accomplished we need to clean house on the military side and fire anyone who disapproved the response of any military assets np matter if they were 2 hours or 9 hours away. The facts show that Americans were still under fire at least 8 hours after the initial attack. Plus, the lack of a response emboldened all terrorists the world over. 

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