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Saturday, June 1, 2013

Hope For This Country

It is pretty damn depressing to watch the deterioration of individual rights, the assault on the Constitution, and the degradation of this great Nation in general. It is the easy path to withdrawl in the face of the overwhelming onslaught of the left against the intent of our Founding Fathers and the collective morals that this Country enjoyed for centuries, rationalizing that America is like the Roman Empire, all other great civilizations who no longer exist,....that our time has come and gone. It does seem like we are on a irreversible course with Government scandal after scandal,......with the looting of this Nation's treasure and the seemingly disconnect from reality of over half our population.

Well I am here to tell you there is a small window, a glimer of hope for this Country to reverse course and become great again, stand against corruption, again embrace individual responsibility,...............but it ain't going to come unless we can leverage the skills and will of such new leaders like Ted Cruz, Senator from Texas, or Rand Paul, Senator from Kentucky.

There are others, but they are few in numbers,......Mike Lee from Utah and Marco Rubio from Florida at the forefront. Listen to Ted Cruz's commencement speech to Hillsdale College and make your own judgement as to his Presidential capabilities.

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