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Saturday, June 22, 2013

The Syrian Mess

The Syrian Civil War is a giant mess with the Syrian Government of Assad being supported by Russian with new anti-aicraft missiles and Irna providing 4,000 Republican Guard troops as well as Hezbollah provindg increasing support for Surian operations against the insurgents. The Insurgents? Well they are mostly al-Qa'ida groups being supported by Osama Bin Dead Laden's heir apparent and his call for Jihadists to join the fight against the Assad regime.

Now Obama (ass clown #1) wants to arm the insurgents who are the same group killing our soldiers in Afghanistan and John McCain (ass clown #2) wants American air support or support to counter the Syrian air superiority. Now Russia has told Obama not to declare a no-fly zone or conceivably they (the Russians) would forceably violate it.

What a mess! But the U.S. should stay out of this unless the violence spills over to Israel, Jordan or Turkey. Sarah Palin explains it well in the video below:

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