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Sunday, July 7, 2013

Obama and the Muslim Brotherhood - 7 July 2013 version

News Headline: "Violent protests in Cairo and elsewhere over the military’s ouster of President Mohamed Morsi raised doubts about prospects for an eventual accommodation that would allow the Brotherhood that supports him to compete in new elections. "
What they are not telling you is the extnet of some of largest demonstrations in history are largely against the Muslim brotherhood.

Some media sources are also reporting that Obama did not support the Egypt Muslim Brotherhood regime of Morsi which was removed by the Egyptian Army a couple days ago.

Really? That's not what the Egyptian people think, and it's like picking the winner of a horse race after the results are in.

How the hell did Obama NOT support these scum bags? Obama legitimized these terrorists by inviting a group of them to the White House before the national elections in Egypt which of course acted for the Morsi campaign. The Obama's aid packages helped prop up the Morsi government. Well, what can we exepct for the left leaning, go for broke Obama supporting media?

Then a day later the Obama administration’s call for an “inclusive” political process in Egypt with a role for the Muslim Brotherhood. Oh I get it,..this is another element of non-support for the terrorists Muslim Brotherhod.

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