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Friday, July 19, 2013

Sons of Goats and Pigs

مقطع لم ولن تشاهدو ا بمثل بشاعته شاهدوا يا عرب وشاهدوا يا مسلمين This is Arabic for "we are son's of goats and pigs, who torture and kill defenseless prisoners who are also son's of goats and pigs." It really doesn't matter which group the guy on the ground belongs to and which group the thugs belong to.

Another example of the Jihadist's beliefs is the recent interview of the Taliban commander in Pakistan who commented on shooting the (then) 15 year old girl in the head. This Taliban asshole apologized not for shooting the girl, but not for "warning her" that they were about to shoot her in the head......So far all you liberal ass hats who think we can negotiate with these non-humans,...go pound sand. Oh, and a question for you: Where is your outrage over daily events such as shown in the below video?

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