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Saturday, March 20, 2010

A Nation of Entitlements

I write this as it appears the Health Care Bill before Congress has enough unprincipled representatives to vote to pass. Apparently the overwhelming opposition to this bill throughout the Country did not bear enough on the Representatives to have them vote down this monstrosity of tax increases, entitlements and unparalleled Federal Government power.

This forebodes terrible things for this Country as we become more and more a Country of Entitlements and not personal responsibility. The Founders are rolling over in their graves.

A local example in the County I live in: The largest City in the County voted to grant benefits for the unwed partners of City Employees. This is a city that is at least 10 million dollars in the red this year. One person’s Letter to the Editor states that “even criminals in prison are given free medical care so what not the unmarried partners of City employees?” Are you kidding me or what? Then, this idiot further writes, “Let us hope that common sense will rule the day.” 10-4 on common sense, but we need the Thomas Paine type of common sense, not the Barack Obama Socialist type of common sense.

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