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Saturday, March 13, 2010

Texas Education Board Battle – Liberals Fail to Re-Write History

Just finishing reading an account of the Texas State Board of Education working on changes to the approved Social Studies curriculum that will guide 4.7 million public school children over the next decade.

There were lots of big and small battles between conservative and liberal board members about what would and would not be included, for example....the liberal board members had a fit over the phrase “Constitutional Republic” over “Democratic Republic” in describing the form of government. Anyone who knows a lick about what our founders intended, what they wrote and how this country was founded would support the truth that we are a Constitutional Republic.

The reason this fight is of National Significance is that Textbook publishers would use similar criteria to publish books for other states, particular since Texas has such a large number of children, hence large number of textbooks as opposed to smaller states. That's good. Who would want Massachusetts Liberals re-writing our history as we teach it to public school students?

One of the Democrat Board members reportedly changed his support from "for" to "against" the conservative members simply because he wanted to show “solidarity” with the other Democrats. What was particular funny about this idiot’s vote, was that he was from El Paso, Texas which has one of the highest percentages of people “voting the straight democratic ticket”.

Of the course, the Democrats could not help but rally around one of their main causes, the “De-Religion of America”. Anyone with an open mind would conclude that this Great (sometimes I think it's becoming formerly great) Country was founded on religion, by religious people intent on finding religious freedom. If you don’t believe that,……well, here’s your sign.

Perhaps the best thing this Board did was successful argue that 6th grade students would need to identify reasons for limiting the power of governments. Limited governmental power was one of the founding concepts of this Country and one of the reasons for the Tea Party Movement. But don’t hold your breath for any mention of the Tea Party in text books just yet. The mainstream Republicans aren’t really happy with this conservative movement. I say they better sit up and listen or they’ll find themselves either voted out or in a continuous minority.

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