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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Mexico Cartel Violence

Take a look at the below picture. Sorry if it offends you. I'll bet it offends Mexican citizens more. This is what the Mexican Cartels have been doing for years. They are nothing but animals. In fact, that’s a insult to animals who have at least some sense of honor. There is no reasoning with these groups. When a U.S. Law Enforcement officer such as a Border Patrol Agent or a County Sheriffs Deputy runs into someone (or worse yet a group of these scum bags) along the U.S.-Mexican border, it is very hard to ascertain with a moments time if the group is just a bunch of migrants illegally entering the U.S. to find work or get in line for entitlements, or, if the group is from an organization that does the routine violence such as pictured in the below picture.

Translation of the sign above: “they continue sending more assholes of this damn Mamito – (we) don’t understand (why)” “greetings from Tocayo and Eagle”

Yesterday, two Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) Agents were shot, one killed, in central Mexico . Chances are they were not targeted because they were U.S. Law Enforcement Officers, but rather just an off shoot of the indiscriminate violence rendered by the Mexican Cartels.

Don't let your Legislators of the Administration tell you the violence is manageable,...don;t let them tel you the boder is safer than ever before.

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