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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

New Feature - Idiot Alert, Feb 9th, 2011

I wish I would have saved all the really idiotic Letters to the Editor of local papers that friends and supporters have sent me over the past year. Now that I've decided to create a new feature, called "Idiot Alert" I could have used the material.

An old Cowboy from South Texas, sent me this letter to the editor:

Last Two Years

"Take back the country" has been the Republican and tea party rallying cry for the last two years.

We now know what they mean by this rant. It means take the country backward 200 years to the era of horse and buggy, flintlocks and paths instead of roads.

Republicans and tea partyers want us to follow a Constitution that was designed for life 200 years ago in the American colonies. The GOP and tea party crowd want us to adhere to a 200-year-old Second Amendment that is totally irrelevant in today's society with its modern and sophisticated weapons.

And in a desperate move, Republicans have latched onto Jefferson's 1700s "nullification" doctrine in their latest bid to invalidate health-care reform.

Their effort is totally unconstitutional (and they know it), a waste of time and will go nowhere with the Senate controlled by Democrats -- but it will keep the tea party supporters at a fever pitch.

Ron Lowe

Harlingen, Texas

Wow Ron! Don't know where to start addressing your problem,...but here goes.

So I reckon you support a Constitution that changes with the mood of the vocal minority. Which part of the Constitution would you change? I mean on one hand you're bashing the Constitution as being "totally irrelevant" today, then on the other hand you accuse (without facts) the Republicans of unconstitutional "nullification" of Obamacare. Oh, don't worry about the facts,...your kind never has,...partially because you won't be able to find any facts to support your idiotic rant. And like we say out here where manners matter, are entitled to your opinion (no matter how idiotic they are), are just not entitled to your own facts,...but again, you don't have any.....So, why don't you crawl up into the ample lap of your hero George Soros and cry on his shoulder.

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