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Friday, February 25, 2011

Unions and their Entitlements Destroying America

Now it's not just Wisconsin, but Indiana is addressing the destruction of America by the Unions and their entitlement mentality. I believe that most Americans don't know the issues with the Unions, the power of their collective bargaining and the ramifications (read havoc) that their "rights", pensions and other entitlements have brought to the States' budgets and, indeed, this Country.

Article from Yahoo! News by William Browning – Feb 22

Indiana has joined the labor union fight between Democrats and Republicans. Democratic lawmakers fled the state to protest the right-to-work law in front of the state legislature.

What is a right-to-work law? Here are some facts about what is known as right-to-work in the United States.

Right-to-Work and Labor Unions

When a law deals with the right to work, it talks about how labor unions are funded and empowered in various states. Some states require employees to be part of a union if they want to work for certain agencies. Other states do not have such a requirement. It's called "right-to-work" because employees won't have to pay anything to have a job if they don't want to.

Cowboy's Comment: "Yeah, pay dues to the union which in turn use it to fund the campaign coffers of Democrat candidates, which perpetuates the power of the unions. You all heard President "Community Organizer" Obama state his opposition to union reforms that the Wisconsin Governor is trying to do....Obama called it an attack on the unions."

For example, in a right-to-work state, one can be a teacher without paying into the teachers' union. In a state without such a provision, employees are required to pay union dues for a union job. For workers, living in a right-to-work state means you don't have to pay union dues. Should the union strike, you would not have voting rights in the organization and can walk across picket lines.

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