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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Reader (Entitlest) Response on Obamacare Repeal Effort

We received an Anonymous (go figure) comment on the previous Cowboys and Tea Parties post "Mike Huckabee for":

I was paying over $1200 per month for health insurance. Now, for the first time I can get it for about $500 per month with pre-existing conditions...and you want me to sign a petition against it. You do you people work for? Because it is not the people of the USA.

Cowboys response:

Sorry that you were paying $1,200 a month for health care,…that sucks. Was it because the Democrats and Unions would not let you cross state lines to get better (and cheaper) coverage? Or was the high cost due to the high density of tort claims against medical doctors that drove the price of medical care sky high? Oh,…who is paying the difference in your health care costs? The tax payers are,..that's who.

I know a dozen or so people whose health care costs have gone up,...gone up to generate funds to pay for health care for people like you. In fact, military retirees, who have not received a cost of living increase in years, are now receiving about $30 less a month. Not a lot money? It is when you retirement check is only $1000 a month. You see, with the government broke, the Obama administration has to get money from where it can, to fund their entitlement and union support programs.

Bottom line, the different between me and you is that little phrase “personal responsibility”. I do not expect someone else to pay my way. I am perfectly capable of providing, to the extent I can, for my family. I am not owed anything by the people. You evidently think you are owed.

What is your pre-existing condition? Adult On-set diabetes brought on by years of eating Big Macs and Frito chips and drinking sugar laden sodas? And now you expect the tax payers to pay for your lack of personal responsibility? Shame on you! You represent the “entitlement mentality” that is driving this country into the ground. In the immortal words of Mark Levin,…”Get off the air you big dope!”


  1. seriously, Tea baggers come across as the most unintelligent people in America. Conrats, hillbilly.

  2. to the DUH cowboy.
    I have a pre-existing condition (heart stints) and try finding insurance. I was rejected on all insurance companies I applied for except the states and it would have cost me $700 a month(deductable of $3,000) this is allot when your are retired before 65. I do not eat big macs. I eat healthy and have for numerous years.
    So DUH cowboy get a life.
    To Anonymous:

  3. Sorry about your heart stints. Even sorrier that I am probably paying for it since you are most likely a liberal and therefore an oxygen thief. Sounds to me life you need to not only get a life but an education as well.