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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Mike Huckabee for

Sign the Petition to Repeal The Health Care Act, otherwise known as Obamacare.

Go here to sign the petition!

Please do this now before more and serious damage is done to not only our health care system but to the founding principles of this Country.


  1. I am over 60 I have raised four children work for the DOD and also a veteran. Now that somebody has finally done something that can be useful you want to repeal it
    just look what I have seen I can recall all of the help for the rich 2% of this country but not anything of any good that your party has done for me that would help it always sounds good when you put your spin on it but nothing that the republicans have done in the past 45 years has help Me or my family you always cost me with your trickle down economics and your still trying to continue it. I get it you are for the top 2% it a waste of money what you are trying to do you know it will not work instead of repeal sit down and fix it you know it should have been the public option . It was block all the way by the republicans so just what are you for! Give me a list of anything good that you have done for this country I mean I want to see a list of what you have done for the last 45 years that helped this country grow. I’m waiting it’s a very very short list a list means you can put more than one Item. What? You have one let me know!

  2. I was paying over $1200 per month for health insurance. Now, for the first time I can get it for about $500 per month with pre-existing conditions...and you want me to sign a petition against it. You do you people work for? Because it is not the people of the USA.

  3. At 59 i was told I was uninsurable by any major Ins. company at any price. Anyone that's against this healthcare including our dear Republicans are on a guaranteed coverage policy paid for by someone else OR on Medicare. Give me a break!!!!

  4. LOL these comments are hillarious. If any of them are true well I just don't know were the live. I've dealt with it all and these numbers are goofy. Shop around! Because really if someone has convinced you to pay 1200 a month you are better of paying for your own health care.

  5. I think this "Anonymous" person is making up these numbers, as well. I've shopped for this, am a veteran (USAF), and work in the private sector now. Very goofy, agreed.

    I'm a Dem (conservative, though), and am confused by those posts. I thought it was a pair of Rep senators who tried to make sure all of congress was written into the plan, and that my fellow Dems defeated that effort.

    I may be "left-oriented", but this is truly bad legislation. Horrible business model; actually, it has none, but I've no other way to put it.

  6. vkincaidf@bellsouth.netJune 20, 2011 at 8:00 PM

    what else could we expect from obama. he and bush brought millions and trillions of illegal immgrates to America knowing our financial cris,s people are losing their home's and jobs but it yet more and more illegal immgrates are either getting our jobs or welfare support. America can't afford to support these people obama is bringing for us to take care of. he has been against America since he ran for president. I hope he will go back to kanya
    maybe he will be on their side. obama has worked
    very hard to destroy USA, it looks like it may work. I pray to The Lord that we will stand up for our christian country. Thank you for reading my letter. Phyllis

  7. Hey Huckabee---If you don't like supporting our President and programs to help those less fortunate, I have an alternate idea--get the Hell out of America, and take the Tea Party, and all other the bigots with you. Go live in Afghanistan and see the difference. You should be ashamed Mr "religious man" for supporting such ignorant and bigoted ideas. Grow Up Republicans For Obama

  8. To Anonymous.... if you want to live in a socialist counrty YOU get the heck out of America. God helps those who help themselves and you WORK for what you HAVE.