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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

One Week After

Today is Tuesday, November 9th, 2010, week after mid term elections of a mega historical perspective.

I read where the AARP has lost 60,000+ members who were upset with the organization’s support and lobbying in support of Obamacare. That’s one way to vote,…..with your money. Me? I’ll just continue to send back membership application envelopes with local used car ads.

I heard where Nancy Pelosi sponsored a party to celebrate the 111th Congress’s accomplishments. This is You Gotta Be Kidding Me moment! What the hell was she celebrating? Over Whelming Debt piled upon the American People? Footprints on the Constitution? A Culture of corruption? The biggest Federal Government and Deficit ever?

I also heard where Nancy the butt monkey was running to be the Dem’s minority leader in the 112th Congress. Seems fitting to me. The person most responsible for the Democrats becoming a minority in Congress – becoming their leader. Yep, seems fitting to me.

Let’s re-cap her credentials: Upon her watch the Dems in Congress lost, what..63 seats? Historical numbers! Something like 23 State Legislatures changed from Dem majority to Republican majority, with a net loss of around 680 seats. More historical numbers!! The Dallas Cowboys coach was fired with a losing record – don’t see what Nancy Pelosi should be any different.

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