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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Post Election Thoughts

When we first started this site one of our goals was to see a change in Government, which basically meant a change in the people representing us in Washington D.C. They simply must be accountable to the People.

Been trying to collect our thoughts and think about what November 2nd means to this Country. Not that our goals are going to change. We still need a Federal Government that is more responsive to the People; smaller and more efficient; and one that sets a climate of Freedom to pursue happiness through a less instrusive Federal Government - which means fair taxation and a more prudent manner in spending our money and less unneccessary restrictions and regulations on business.

Here are our thoughts,...

Historic victory for Republicans,…..just not quite enough.

Dismayed to see the results from the California Governors’s and Senator’s race and the Nevada Senate race; apparent Dem victories in the Colorado and Washington State Senate race; same same for Alaska. But that was in the hands of the Peope, is unfortunate that Special Interest big money and the unions affected some of these races, most notable in Nevada and California.

But that’s our system, so the Californians are gonna have to live with their choices. Brown and Boxer are about as worthless as you can get......add Pelosi and Reid and you get the four western butt clowns from hell. Add Rangel, Mumbles Frank and Leahy and you have a squad of butt clowns.

Warmed my heart to see Grayson (D-FL) lose his job.

Lots of Republican Governors and Republican State legislatures bode well for redistricting in the States.

Great to see Mike Lee (R-UT), Allen West (R-FL), Quico Canseco (R-TX) and others first time representatives earn Congressional billets. Allen West is a retired Army Lt Col, who was presured to leave the Army for political correct reasons.

Marco Rubio (R-FL) is a rising star – look for him to run for Obama’s job, 2012 or 2016.

Bottom line is that we will most likely see grid lock for the next two years, then the Democrats will blame the Republicans for the impact of decisions that Obama and a Democrat Congress rammed through these past two years.

I think the top issues/goals should be: Repeal Obamacare lock, stock and barrel and start over on something much smaller and affordable; Make the Bush tax rates permanent; Go through the Federal budget with a fine tooth comb and unfund all the bullcrap......maybe a much larger YouCut type program and actually vote on the cuts so the People can see who wants to spend our money and on what.

I would like to see a website where each and every vote is published so the People can see which politician voted for what.

One thing is clear,...from his speech yesterday, Obama still does not get it.

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