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Friday, January 20, 2012

And Then There Were Four

Wow! Who watched the CNN hosted debate in South Carolina last night? The headlines are all over the place.

”Perry Drops Out – Support to Newt” probably best for the Texas Governor to join Huntsman on the also ran list, as previous support for him has dwindled from his first announcement a few months back and is already divided between Gingrich and Santorum. However, most of us enjoyed his last couple of debates just to hear his qips.

”Newt fires back in Debate” reference Gingrich’s scolding of the CNN moderator at the very beginning of the debate Regarding Newt’s ex-wife, Marianne’s interview about his “open” marriage and mistress. Newt said it was despicable to open the debate with questions about his former marriage.   The crowd sure agreed. 

”Did Santorum perform well enough to win in S.C?” Rick Santorum gained some support from the character and family values voters, but did he do enough to convince GOP primary voters that he has the experience and mettle to deal with the economy? I think he does.  He gets more and more of my respect and support every time he debates. 

"Romney pressured to release Tax Returns” Santorum and Paul are on record as candidate tax returns not being a big deal. Gingrich had his people post his returns on the internet just as the debate started and Newt is the loudest voice in the contest calling for Romney’s release of tax returns.  Seems kinda out of place to me, asking for records,  when we don’t have any information on President Obama. If I were one of the Republican candidates, I would say that I would release everything,…tax filings, school transcripts, medical reports, travel history,…everything, once Obama did the same. That should quell the debate at least with fair minded people.

It will be interesting to see where the candidates place in South Carolina . It looks like Newt is gaining some ground. I don’t think the ex-wife’s interview will displace any support since the conservative bloc, who runs the character-family values issue as a number one priority, is already supporting Santorum. But still, Newt will end up much closer to Romney than Romney considers comfortable.

This is all good for the country, especially when Gingrich admonished Santorum to get out of the race since he diluting the deep conservative vote and Santorum responded, "Why don’t you get out? I’m the one who won 1 of 2 states so far."  These debates let the voters see who they would prefer.  If most people are like me, I am constantly my favorites - Cain to Gingrich to Santorum,...maybe back to Newt.  The bottom line is that any of them are better for this country than our current President.  

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