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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Black Quill's Obama Watch

A reader sent us a link to Black Quill and Ink to check out what they are doing to expose President Obama and his administration's apparent disdain for the U.S. Constitution.

Reader here need to go to the original site, where they can see first hand what Black Quill and Ink writes and the supporting videos which are pretty damning.

Some snippets of what Black Quill and Ink (BQI) say's about Obama are:

Mainstream Liberal Media. Since his declaration to run for President of the United States, Obama has been and remains an unknown, an oddity to the American public. Although much information existed about then candidate Obama the media refused to investigate and report. Rather, they elected to become partisan Obama supporters, taking extraordinary steps to protect and promote his candidacy. The net result of this misfeasance was the election of the most radical president in American history.

Exposing Obama.. Much of who Obama is now is on display in his socialist policies and big government agenda. However, to ensure America votes this time with an informed ballot Obama and his agenda must be put on full display. In other words, the Obama puzzle must be assembled and once done America will see just how dangerous Obama is for America.

The Plan To Desensitize America – Preparing for Constitutional Violation and Martial Law. In a recently published BQI article; The Left’s Attack on the Constitution, we attempted to make the case that the country is being set up for a major assault on the Constitution. Through a series of speeches, statements and recommendations from ardent Obama supporters and Obama himself, the plan for Obama’s reelection or more accurately, take over of the presidency, is crystallizing.

Loss of Individual Freedoms. In our most read article, EXTRA: Obama Suspends Civil Liberties, we provided a hypothetical situation where Obama would use crisis to institute martial law. At the time of its publication this possibility was, to say the least, somewhat radical. How times have changed. Over a year later we now see, increasingly, more and more authors describing the exact scenario offered in our 2010 hypothetical case; the institution of martial law by Obama is gaining traction and becoming a more realistic possibility.

Martial Law. To enable Obama to initiate such action (Martial Law), it is obvious that Americans have to be conditioned to accept such an act. Americans have to be led to believe that there are some situations where the president must disregard the Constitution for the greater interest of the country. To achieve this mental conditioning on Americans it means that efforts must be put forth to create a false impression of the importance and relevance of the Constitution. Americans must be conditioned to view the Constitution as a less than adoring and admiring document or certainly that it is not a legitimate or relevant document to the challenging times that we face today. To achieve this it makes sense that Americans are presented with a slow and methodical deconstruction of the Constitution’s legitimacy or relevance by people who otherwise are viewed as either experts or who people see as trusted or committed to the nation’s welfare. What crisis could inspire a presidential order of martial law?

Potential Scenarios. We believe that the national crisis that could rise to the level of an American call for Presidential action in the form of national martial law imposition would likely be either one of two scenarios:

1. A complete economic financial breakdown. This action could lead to massive civil unrest that could cause Obama to suspend 2012 elections and thus remain President.
2. The holding of 2012 elections that result in the election of a Republican (conservative) President. The left could very well allege some form of voter fraud that could then lead to massive riots and civil unrest. Obama steps in, declares the election results suspended and institutes martial law to address the crisis.

Wow! This is one site conservatives must come back to time and time again, even if you don't agree with what Black Quill and Ink writes, least they provide food for thought, and of course we're hoping they are wrong as the consequences of Black Quill being right are terrible for this country.

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  1. Thanks, I needed that. Some of it is out there, but at least they're thinking about the "could happens."