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Saturday, January 14, 2012

Peeing on Dead Terrorists

I am the only guy out there that finds the event where a supposedly a U.S. Marine Corps Scout-Sniper team peed on the bodies of some Taliban they killed as unbefitting the amount of press and reaction it is getting?

Sure, the act of peeing on dead people, whether they were intent on killing you or not is stupid, and really not what or how you think professionals would do. Memorializing the act with a video was stupid as well. It was colossally stupid to post the video on YouTube. The video is going to be used as a recruitment tool for Islamic terrorists everywhere and specifically in Afghanistan and make dealing with Afghan President Karazi much more difficult.

To see the liberal press make this out to be a giant and heinous crime is to be expected. However, to see Department of Defense officials, including Marine Corps officers elbowing each other out of the way so they can be the first to condemn this act and promise justice for the officers, just makes me sick. Let’s keep this in perspective.

What is a more heinous crime – strapping bombs to women, children and killing indiscriminately or peeing on an already dead boyd, and one that was previously trying to kill you? Where is the moral outrage from the press on terrorist attacks?

When the Prisoner abuse” scandal broke about Abu Gharib, the liberal press was blaming then President Bush. Let’s see if the liberal media will blame President Obama over these Marines pissing on dead terrorists. Clearly, Abu Gharib was not President Bush’s fault, nor were these Marines acting under Obama’s order to pee on dead Taliban.

Those Taliban terrorists being pissed on were not moving, they were bleeding and in fact not breathing ,....that’s what the FBI calls a clue. They were dead. That means they didn’t feel one golden drop. I’m saying that because before you know it the liberal mainstream media (there I go again being redundant - liberal and mainstream media being the same),..anyway, before you know it the mainstream media will be charging those Marines with torture, specifically water boarding those dead scumbags.

During the Philippine Insurrection, General Pershing reported had Muslim bandits buried with pig entrails - of course making these Muslim corpses unclean and unfit for ascendancy into Muslim heaven where of course the virgins were waiting. That's what we ought to be doing today.

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  1. We'll maybe they were trying to emulate Pershing. They could have just possibly finished drinking pork juice.