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Saturday, May 26, 2012

Congress to Eliminate Military Spending on NASCAR sponsorship?

Congress is introducing an amendment to Defense Spending that will eliminate sponsorship and funding for NASCAR. Currently Dale Earnhardt Jr. and Ryan Newman drive NASCAR vehicles sponsored by the National Guard and Army respectively, and Aric Almirola is sponsored by the Air Force . While Cowboys and Tea Parties advocates the elimination of all wasteful spending, the sponsorship and postive public relations of NASCAR vehicles being sponsored by the uniformed services is much greater than the actual expenditure, and should be kept. What a great recruiting tool, and one that targets Americans who think "Duty, Honor and Country" is not a joke. It was once said, only half in jest, that the best way to get rid of Al-Qaeda is to tell NASCAR fans that these fanantical Islamic terrorists are responsible for the death of Dale Earnhard Sr., legendary NASCAR driver killed at Daytona Beach in 2001. NASCAR Legend Darrell Waltrip,...having the best idea we have heard in a long time,.... suggests that politicians should be like NASCAR (with sponsor logo on the car), and be required to wear the logo or name of all the lobbyists (they took money from) on their $1,000 suits.

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