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Friday, May 4, 2012

Volts and Hybrids and Failures, Oh My

There have recently been Obama Adminstration people and supporters in the print and air media recently trying to stem the tide of bad publicity on the Chevy Volt, in light of Obama talking this car up like it's the solution to our energy crisis, and also in light of the facts as to what an albatross this car is and the giant failure of this Adminstration to develop this country's virtually unlimited energy resources.

One of the things these Obama pundits have stated over and over is that recently Hybrids are being bought in record numbers. While this is technically true, the consumers aren't buying the Volt, even with the Federal Government handout,...err,..bribe,...... err,....$7,500 tax credit....They are largely buying Japanese hybrid models.

Obama has alot of credibility riding on the sucess of the Volt since all his other green energy programs have become debacles,..sometimes looking like a scam, and sometimes people close to the Adminstration profiting.

Again, while hybrids are being bought in record numbers, when those numbers are small to begin with, that is not such a feat. And again, the ones being bought are not Volts but Toyota's, Honda's and Nissan's.....and this is given the fact that the premium you pay on these Japanese hybrids won't be made up until after some 11 years of projected gas savings.

One reason these hybrids are selling better than before is that gas prices are more than double what they were when Obama took over 3 years ago. Not counting the 30-40% increase across the board for food products,.....I am spending $175 to $200 more per month just on fuel.

How about you? Going to buy a Volt or other hybrid anytime soon? Are you better off now than you were 3 years ago?

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